Years ago, in Spokane, a woman saved
A family of orphaned baby geese.
An amateur ornithologist, she raised
Those birds into adulthood, and then released

Them into the pond at Manito Park,
Where a dozen swans, elegant and white,
Tore the tame geese open and ate their hearts.
Of course, all of this was broadcast live

On the local news. Eyewitnesses wept.
My mother and I shrugged, not at death,
But at those innocent folks who believe
That birds don’t murder, rape, and steal.

Like us, swans can be jealous and dangerous,
And, oh, so lovely, sure and monogamous.

{Sherman AlexieThe Fight or Flight Response}


4 Replies to “144;”

      1. yes, i thought that might be you! so glad to connect with you on the blogosphere again. how have you been? i have a lot of reading to do on your blogger. i don’t post much of substance on here, but it’s more attention than my poor livejournal receives.

  1. Yes, I have been O.K. a few things have changed (maybe?) since LJ days, and I see you are in Dublin. How’s that working out?
    I left Livejournal behind a few years ago and deleted my account completely the other week. It was weird returning.
    Either way, I enjoy yr photographs on here.

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