my blog is so boring, i apologize. i guess it’s an indication that life is really good. it takes me way too long to formulate a semi-interesting post, and i just don’t have time for that these days. so all you get are crappy cell phone pictures, an occasional decent photograph, and poetry that isn’t mine and that i’ve gotten bitched at for posting. ah, well.

february in dublin has been lovely. we’ve had a few days of high winds, but it’s generally been in the fifties and gorgeous. i can finally begin exploring the rest of the island! shea will be in town next week, drew might visit before the month is out, i’m going to paris the first weekend in march, and i hope to visit drew in krakow sometime after that. mid-may i’m flying back to the states for what will be a well-needed holiday as well as for an astrostatistics course in june. in september i’m attending a radio interferometry summer school in rimini, italy. goddamn, i love what i do.

this weekend i intend to buy several rolls of film and spend them. my poor minolta is gathering dust. plus, this stupid blog needs all the help it can get.


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