the arcminute microkelvin imager (AMI) large array, one of the six receivers of the multi-element radio linked interferometer network (MERLIN, eMERLIN is the extended-MERLIN network, from which i will get the data for my phd thesis), the AMI small array, the one mile, half mile, and 4C telescopes in lords bridge near cambridge, england. i am currently working on AMI large array data, so it was nice to finally meet the telescope, as well as a MERLIN dish, with whom i will become very familiar with.

lords bridge is a really neat site. there are many historic telescopes there, two of which led to nobel prizes. you could say the site is a radio telescope museum, but it’s more like a graveyard as the telescopes that are no longer in use are not well maintained. or maintained at all, really.

for comparison, the MERLIN dish is 32 meters in diameter and there are seven of them spread across the UK. the AMI large array has eight dishes, each of which are ~13 meters in diameter, and the small array has ten ~4 meter diameter dishes.


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