Space Shuttle Endeavour (201104280022HQ)

Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 (201104280023HQ)

Space Shuttle Endeavour (201104280021HQ)

these are the photos prior to the rollback of the rotating service structure of shuttle endeavour found on nasa hq photo’s flickr photostream. today will begin the 25th and final mission for endeavour, and the second to last shuttle launch of the NASA shuttle program. liftoff is targeted for 3:47 pm EDT (8:47 pm GMT) and about 20 minutes after launch, we should see endeavour over ireland and the UK (more info on that here).

many cried this morning over the royal wedding (including my mother), but i’ll save my tears for this evening. while yes, kate middleton’s alexander mcqueen by sarah burton dress was gorgeous, there is nothing more beautiful or inspiring to me as the shuttle’s ascent into space. i am still very grateful that i got to witness a launch in person; it will forever be the coolest thing that i’ve ever seen.

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5:30 pm GMT edit: scrubbed, due to APU heater issues. DAMNIT. the next launch attempt likely won’t be before sunday at 2:59 pm EDT.


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