Last week, US Astronaut Shane Kimbrough came to Dublin for an early kickoff to Space Year, 2012. He gave a talk in the Helix at Dublin City University and I was invited to photograph the event. He took part in mission STS-126 Endeavour in November 2008, where they installed several new modules to the International Space Station. You may remember it as the mission where they installed the urine processor… that got a lot of media attention. Anyways, I was interning at JPL at the time. I got to chat with Col. Kimbrough before his talk and I mentioned that I saw the shuttle contrails over LA from their landing at Edwards [the weather was bad at Cape Canaveral that day]. I posted the youtube video of the event above, and at 28:10 he starts talking about the landing and mentioned my little anecdote! I almost fainted from excitement when he mentioned my name. [You can also see me running around photographing in some parts of the video, which I think is funny.] Later on, he made an appearance at Dunsink Observatory and gave another little talk and answered any questions people had. Astronauts are some of the most inspirational people to me, so needless to say, it was a damn good day.


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