in day-to-day life i spend entirely too much time complaining about dublin, whether it’s the dreary weather or general lack of things to do besides drink guinness. after living here for almost two years i have learned to love this city, and so i’ve decided to start blogging about the things i love about it to remind myself. beginning with:

dublinlove #1. you learn to really appreciate a beautiful day.

the stereotypes are true: ireland is so, so green because it rains ALL. THE. TIME. and the temperature almost never goes above 20ºC. after living in knoxville for five years i developed a dependence on the heat of the american south, and i wasn’t ready to trade that for consistently mild and wet weather. but on the few glorious days of summer that dublin has, you can find every sunny patch of grass occupied by sunbathers and the beer-gardens overflowing with businessmen and women taking an extended lunch break with a pint of cider.


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