dublinlove #2. bbq’s at #5 merrion square.





the back garden of #5 merrion square is perfect for an after-work bbq. we multi-national phd students gather together to impose our national holidays on each other by grilling burgers and drinking beers. and of course the night is not complete without congregating on the roof for an unrivaled view of dublin.




3 Replies to “299;”

    1. weather aided indeed, it evokes quite a different reaction when it’s pissing rain all the time.

      these pictures are just from my phone. most of my other posts have photos taken with my canon eos t1i or a disposable. are you using anything other than a disposable? your photos are wild.

      1. I think we have the same weather patterns. But coming from East TN i don’t mind one bit. Some are from my point-and-shoot. I love me some disposable and those do take the best fucking pics. Esp bc youre picky with only 24 exposures. How much do you love Ireland?

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