after gwithian beach, we spent the afternoon in st. ives. we hiked down the hill from where we parked the car, admired the sandy beaches and tate st. ives, and continued on through the charming alleyways until we reached the harbor where the tide was way out.

after grabbing a cup of coffee we checked out the local shops, my favorite of which was kudos. upon entering the shop, the owner approached me and said he knew exactly what i was looking for. he went straight to one of the many jewelry display cases and produced a gorgeous octopus ring, which was then thrust on my finger. he went on to describe all the different stones within the ring (loads of emeralds, rubies, diamonds, gold, etc etc) and my jaw dropped to the floor when i flipped it over to inspect the price tag and saw that i was wearing a £4,000 ring. he then went from case to case, picking out jewelry for me to try on and by the end of the visit i had worn at least £15,000 worth of jewelry. i could have spent the rest of the day there but we decided to move on…


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