so behind on the blog. here are some photos from my trip back to the states. bullmoose and the friendly toast in downtown portsmouth are standard stops.

i attended a conference on radio stars and their lives in the galaxy at mit haystack observatory. i reconnected with old colleagues, met new ones, and presented my research. attending conferences and hearing what people are working on always inspires and motivates me. shame i had another week at home for that motivation to dissipate… hah! the radio dishes there are protected (i.e. hidden) within giant domes thanks to all the snow we get. they are next to impossible to photograph from the inside, and are sort of boring to look at from the outside. i did feel like i was at epcot though.

d. and i went to first friday in downtown portsmouth. saw a lot of art, drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of friendly toast.


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