two weeks ago i went to london for some gigs, the first of which was bon iver. unfortunately it was in an arena (at least 12,000 people) but it was not to be missed, especially since mr. vernon announced they would be taking a break for a while. i’m not sure i will ever forgive him for not playing flume, but he had the staves join him on stage for re: stacks which was lovely. that song makes me cry. every. time.

then next morning we found our new favourite breakfast nook, the breakfast club in soho, and ate giant american-style breakfasts. we then spent the rest of the day wandering around camden. i, of course, quickly became obsessed with the place as there are statues of horses EVERYWHERE. not to mention the vintage markets, fabulous food stands, the massive futuristic clothing/sex shop, and a gorgeous canal. we grabbed pints in a metal bar where we completely stuck out like sore thumbs, and then in the elephants head where the music was on-key all night.


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