this particular trip to london was all about seeing places that i haven’t on previous trips. i tend to return to all my favourite places whenever i revisit the same city, so this time we made a point of checking off new attractions. we walked around and through st. paul’s cathedral, and lucky for us we happened upon it on a day with free admission. the interior is gorgeous of course, but we didn’t linger long.

we then crossed the millenium bridge (which i had been dying to do ever since whichever harry potter movie that they collapsed it in) to get to the tate modern. we walked through the poetry and dream exhibit, which didn’t particularly live up to it’s phenomenal concept, then took in the view on the balcony.

that night we saw lotus plaza at electrowerkz, this dingy little dive on the side of a club where they only served red stripe. in cans. it actually reminded me a lot of the pilot light in knoxville, except without pbr. i asked lockett if lotus plaza would play the atp festival curated by deerhunter next summer, but it turned out this was their last gig. (cue dying inside.)

my phone crashed before this song ended, but the sound is terrible anyways. so mute the video and play the recording.


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