2012-12-06 23.50.44

2012-12-06 23.51.55 2

2012-12-06 23.53.23

2012-12-06 23.52.43 2

2012-12-06 23.55.39

2012-12-07 09.15.05

2012-12-07 09.15.47

2012-12-07 09.16.26

this is almost a real-time blog post, these photos were taken yesterday and this morning (as opposed to several weeks ago, i hope you’re proud!). i am currently observing at the GMRT (giant metrewave radio telescope) in khodad near pune, india. i still can’t believe where i am. i arrived around six local time yesterday morning after a nine hour flight and a terrifying five hour car journey through mumbai, the western ghats, and expressways blocked by pilgrims. it’s not an exaggeration when people describe india as being first world and third world at the same time, our plane about landed in the slums.

after arriving, we got straight to work preparing the observations, took a walk around the compound where several of the antennas were undergoing maintenance (look at the painters on the dish without ropes!), and then spent the night observing. it was an extremely long day, but the perfect weather, indian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the addictive chai they serve here helped to pass the time just fine. i still have another seven days at the telescope, and then will spend a weekend in pune before flying back to dublin and then onward to the states.


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