one of my new year’s resolutions is to update this bloody thing regularly, and here we are into february and i haven’t touched it since mid december. i’ve got batches of photos from india and my winter break stateside that i will be updating with over the next week or so, and i aim to actually fill this thing with worthwhile content, even if it is just something for me to look back on over the years. i also think it might be about time to put on some big girl pants and upgrade the blog and get my own domain. i figure i might actually enjoy posting on something that i can fully customise.

but for now, here is a picture of the frickin adorable cat i am fostering this week.


he looks almost exactly like my late cat felix, so i spent the first day of being a foster mom crying. i bring him back to the shelter on wednesday, and i assume i will spend that entire day wrecked as well. i’m trying to see it as getting that extra time with felix that i didn’t have (i never felt that i said goodbye to him properly when i had the chance), but in the glass-is-half-empty sort of mentality i see it as losing felix twice. yes i know i’m ridiculous. however, i am glad i could help out the dublin spca in this little way, while also being able to love on such a sweet kitty.


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