2013-02-27 21.54.18

2013-02-27 21.55.07

2013-02-27 21.55.39

2013-02-27 21.56.18

2013-02-27 21.57.11

2013-02-27 21.58.33

2013-02-27 21.59.27

2013-02-27 22.00.07

2013-02-27 22.00.34

2013-02-27 22.01.20

1; old jameson distillery for some irish coffees.
2; toro y moi at the button factory.
3-5; totally dublin stack party at ely bar & brasserie.
6; the custom house.
7-10; dublin docklands.

despite all the times that dan has been over to dublin, we almost never sightsee. i am completely sick of touring the guinness storehouse and i’ve sort of vowed to never take the jameson distillery tour again. so, we are slowly crossing things off of his dublin tourist list.

i said i would never tour the old jameson whiskey distillery again, but that doesn’t mean i don’t like the venue. i just find the tour completely cheesy and not worth the 11 euro. however, putting that 11 euro towards the absolutely phenomenal drinks you can get in the lounge is totally worth it. they naturally whip up the best irish coffee in town. we also walked around the docklands. the custom house is one of my favourite buildings in dublin, but of course it was disheartening to see a homeless person asleep on the steps.

that week we also saw toro y moi and attended the totally dublin 100th edition stack party as i won tickets. the party involved free beer, free food, performances from many amazing local bands as well as great dj sets. they also handed out screen prints of the cover art. was great craic ;)


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