i love cats and so does the internet. so. here are a lot of pictures of the cat i fostered a few weeks ago:

2013-02-27 22.03.24

2013-02-27 22.06.16

it is sort of an ambition of mine to be a crazy cat lady when i grow up. i know people are teasing me when they tell me i will be one, but really, i want to. at this point in my life i am unable to have a cat of my own, mainly because i travel too often and sometimes for long periods of time. i also have a tiny tiny flat that is ill-suited for an animal, i am a poor student that couldn’t really afford it anyways, and i work weird hours.

2013-02-27 22.07.46

2013-02-27 22.08.23

which is why i got overly excited when i saw an advert for fostering animals for the dublin spca. animals needing lots of love, attention, and short term homes to get away from the shelter? all food, litter, and supplies for their entire stay provided? i could basically rent-a-kitty in between my travels. so i decided to give it a go.

2013-02-27 22.10.09

2013-02-27 22.10.48

and then when i arrived at the shelter, i was handed zorro. and essentially started crying on the spot (cue broken record: he looks just like my late cat felix). anyways, i got him back to my flat and was so full of love and sadness and confused emotions but moreso definitely love. and zorro was so, so loving. have i mentioned that i was in love? love love love.

2013-02-27 22.11.20

2013-02-27 22.11.59

i fostered zorro for a week. it was next to impossible for me to return him to the shelter. i knew it would have been difficult regardless of the cat, but the fact that he looked like my old one and we got on so well just broke my heart. i would have adopted him if i could, but i think he’s already made his way to a loving home (it’s what i keep telling myself).

2013-02-27 22.13.07

2013-02-27 22.13.49

i probably won’t foster again for a while, but i definitely want to do it again at some point. if you’re interested in fostering an animal in dublin, all you need to do is register with the dspca and they will put you on a mailing list which notifies you when animals need fostering. if you’re not in dublin, look up your local spca to see how you can help.

2013-02-27 22.15.39


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