2013-04-08 18.54.10

2013-04-08 18.54.49

2013-04-08 18.55.59

2013-04-08 18.56.42

2013-04-08 18.57.21

2013-04-08 18.58.42

2013-04-08 18.59.12

2013-04-08 19.00.00

2013-04-08 19.01.01

2013-04-08 19.02.19

2013-04-08 19.02.44

2013-04-08 19.03.09

food was a pretty big priority on this trip. lots of different tapas with cañas, tortilla, jamón, and paella to name a few. although i’ve decided i don’t much care for authentic paella. we ended up in plaza mayor a few times just to eat! here are the photos from our second full day of exploring, covering much of what we had left. we also went to the museo reina sofía at the end of this day to see the guernica, which did not disappoint.

1-5; breakfast at plaza mayor.
6-7; palacio real de madrid.
8-9; almudena cathedral.
10-12; calle de claudio moyano.


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