2013-06-24 16.07.49

we stopped in brighton on our way back to southampton from camber sands after deerhunter atp. i absolutely love brighton, i think it might be my favourite city in britain (have i mentioned that already?). i was unfortunately, uh, unable to take very many pictures this trip as there were some residual effects from the festival (you can see photos from my previous trip here).

2013-06-24 14.11.42-1

2013-06-24 14.41.15

2013-06-24 14.58.05

we wandered through shops, around the pier, and sat on the beach for a while. after a few hours and the most expensive parking meter of our lives, we bid andy farewell (he was going to hop a train to london in the morning, was great to see you andy!) and hit the road.

2013-06-24 19.11.19

our last stop before southampton was arundel, to check out the castle and roam around the village. everything was closed by the time we arrived, but we were able to have a look in the cathedral which was gorgeous. some day i would like to explore this cute little town again.

2013-06-24 19.25.02

2013-06-24 19.31.22

2013-06-24 19.32.57


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