2013-06-29 13.55.29

our hostess at the b&b highly recommended porthcurno, although dan had planned to take me there to see the minack theatre anyways. we grabbed lunch at the local pub and then hiked up the hill to see the theatre. the minack theatre is an open air theatre built into the cliffs with dazzling views of the sea, and is still used today. we sat and watched a group rehearse for a while before heading off to our next destination.

2013-06-29 14.23.06

2013-06-29 14.31.51

2013-06-29 14.32.27

2013-06-29 14.34.39

2013-06-29 15.40.34

not far from porthcurno is land’s end, one of those really tacky, touristy gimmicks but one that i wanted to see nonetheless. the weather took a turn for the worse this weekend, but i love the eeriness it gave the coast, the perfect vibe for the end of the world.

2013-06-29 15.46.37

2013-06-29 15.50.33

2013-06-29 16.51.50

2013-06-30 13.14.09


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