2013-06-30 15.41.22

dan and i spent a few extra days in cornwall after his family left, as we had tickets to see sigur rós at the eden sessions. we bid our adorable b&b in st. ives farewell and camped out at gwithian farm. we had so much fun camping last year (see more here and here) that we thought we would continue the tradition. we chose gwithian farm because it has direct access to gwithian beach, which we absolutely love. this year however, the weather wasn’t very agreeable and so there were zero excursions to the beach.

2013-06-30 16.00.28

2013-06-30 16.00.44

so. the eden project. can we talk about how awesome this place is? such a shame the weather was so gloomy, but it doesn’t detract from the impressiveness of the two massive biomes. both biomes sustain plants from climates different than the uk. one of the biomes (on the right in the photos) houses plants from the mediterranean and the other (on the left in the photos) houses the world’s largest rainforest in captivity, complete with humid jungles and waterfalls.

2013-06-30 16.01.17

2013-06-30 16.03.21

2013-06-30 16.31.53

2013-06-30 16.47.25

2013-06-30 16.54.21

while the eden project itself was worthy of the trip, we really came to attend the eden sessions, the musical festivals hosted inside the park. sigur rós headlined this particular session, with support from daughter, willy mason and others. to see these artists perform in front of these biomes was absolutely incredible, and i can’t wait to see the line up for next year.

2013-06-30 20.00.03

2013-06-30 21.49.33

2013-06-30 22.30.16


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