2013-07-25 22.55.09

on our last day in cornwall the weather cleared. i’m so glad it did because i don’t know if i would have fully appreciated our final stop as much as i did without the sun. polperro almost immediately became my favourite spot in cornwall. just LOOK at that stunning little fishing village. i must have annoyed everyone on instagram after our visit, i posted so many photos. probably many of these. i’m sorry i’m not sorry, but this place was beautiful.

2013-07-25 23.06.32

2013-07-25 22.56.20

2013-07-25 22.58.17

that little seagull hangout was called peter pan. i just can’t.

2013-07-25 22.58.57

2013-07-25 22.59.43

2013-07-25 23.01.04

that water! that harbour! those homes! polperro, some day i will have a vacation home in you. some day.

2013-07-25 23.01.53

2013-07-25 23.02.37

2013-07-25 23.04.18

like i said, we got a little shutter happy. here is dan positioning himself to get a shot of me. he is so good about taking photos with his slr. i, on the other hand, am so lazy when it comes to photographing things these days. i just resort to my phone and am heavy handed on the filters. i used to be so deliberate about photographs, now i’m just on default. i hope this will change. but i DO have loads of film from this trip that i will share in the next couple of posts.

2013-07-25 23.03.33

2013-07-25 23.05.10

2013-07-25 23.05.59

2013-07-25 23.07.04

so, if you couldn’t tell, polperro, i love you.


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