417; my old flat.

2014-12-02 09.49.13

2014-12-02 09.45.31

2014-12-02 09.45.17

2014-12-02 09.46.10

2014-12-02 09.48.32

2014-12-02 09.51.15

2014-12-02 09.51.36

2014-12-02 09.56.09

2014-12-02 09.57.01

2014-12-02 10.00.34

i never really got around to posting pictures of my flat that i lived in for so long. this was my tiny studio in rathmines that i lived in from january 2011 to april 2015. it was in an old georgian-style house on belgrave square that was converted into flats. although i changed the layout around from time to time, this was what it looked like right before i packed everything up in december 2014 (dan and i lived out of boxes for a few months before finally finding a new place to live). it’s not much, but it was home for a long time.


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